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About Maple Glen

Maple Glen Antiques is the result of many years of admiring and collecting beautiful things.  I love fine crystal, quality china, and heirloom silver but my real passion is vintage and antique linens.

I admire the women who painstakingly created the embroideries and cutwork detailing that we take for granted today.  Can you imagine the hours that went into creating a hand stitched quilt or a bobbin lace tablecloth?  All too often we see beautiful linens stuffed into old trunks or used as packing blankets by people who don’t appreciate these fine articles of history. 

I often wonder what stories the kitchen tablecloth could tell us about family life in days gone by.  What lovely lady brushed her hair at her vanity graced with delicate embroidered doilies?  Who was the infant who wore the antique christening gown so many years ago?  What did the needlepoint pillows witness?  If only they could talk!

Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed “old” things.  I can vividly remember my first auction.  I was hooked for life at the age of nine when I bought my first treasure – a blue and white sugar bowl which I have to this day.  I would NEVER part with it because it brings back such wonderful memories.  As a teenager, I spent my clothing allowance on antique furniture and cleaned up other people’s cast-offs to make them my own.  I rarely revitalize furniture now.  Instead, I focus my attention on textiles and linens, a few of which have fallen on hard times.  Each is carefully laundered and pressed into its former glory.  Occasionally it is like a Cinderella story.  Perhaps it’s a throwback to my childhood when I learned how to iron on tea towels and my father’s boxer shorts – I was mortified! 

Now my closets are overflowing and the second story of my coach house is loaded to the max.  I have a vast inventory of enchanting tablecloths, romantic pillowcases, delicate doily sets, and glamourous accessories along with gorgeous crystal, china, and silver.  I now have the time to exhibit at some antique shows in Ontario, and display a small number of my treasures on this site.  Perhaps I have just what you are looking for tucked away so please contact me if you have a specific item in mind.

 I am so pleased that you stopped by Maple Glen to view my menagerie of precious items.  I hope you enjoy browsing the many categories and viewing some splendid emissaries of the past.  If I can be of assistance or answer any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  I’d love to hear from you.  And remember, if you really love something, you can always find a place for it.